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Need Auto Repairs Or A Complete OverHaul? We Can Help 

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 R & R Automotive Service LLC keeping quality and Luxury with satisfaction from our customers in mind.

We Work on all makes and models, so if you're in need of repairs, Maintenance, Replacements, or just want a complete over-haul on a vehicle that's been broke down, give us a call or send me an email and I'll see how I can help.

R & R Automotive Services LLC

Services Provided


Service 1 Servicing Testing

 . Diagnostic Testing to determine root causes for check engine light.

. Root out specific items that cause rough idle, engine no start, overheating

.BCM- Body Control Module

.ECM- Engine Control Module

.PCM- Powertrain Control Module


. Give free estimate on issues found and costs for Labor.

Note to Customer - Owner bought parts are highly recommended! there are additional costs for parts if bought by servicer.


Service 2 Maintenance light- repairs Basic car Mechanic Certification

. Clean all areas that were removed/replaced with new gaskets/seals!

. filter replacements, oil change, transmission fluid change, coolant flush

. tire change, brake pads/shoes, brake line repair, axle gear oil change, rotors and hubs

. fuel line repair/replacement, fuel pump replacement, vacuum line repair

.Change belts 


Service 3 Complete over-hauls Mechanical             Engineering certification

Engine replacement per client's request, timing chain/belt adjustment/replacement, rod bearings, piston & ring replacement, rocker arms, cam shaft, valves & valve seals, Head gasket, oil pan gasket, oil pump, water pump, power steering pump, coolant reservoir, injectors, alternator, starter, etc...

Maintenance, Repairs, & Over-Haul


Service 1

5,000 Mile Intervals Change Oil and Filter Wash/Clean Vehicle Inspect Brake Pads and Shoes Inspect Tires Inflation/Wear Inspect Belts for cracking/fraying Inspect Transmission Fluid Level Inspect Power Steering Fluid Inspect Brake Fluid Level Inspect Windshield Washer Fluid Inspect Battery/Cables Clean

Service 2

30,000 Mile Intervals Change Cabin Air Filter Change Engine Air Filter Change Transmission Fluid Change Battery (if needed) Change Brake Pads/Shoes Inspect Front Differential Oil Inspect Fuel Lines/Gaskets Inspect Hoses (Brittle, Cracked

Service 3

60,000 Mile Intervals Change Timing Belt Inspect Drive Belts 120,000 Mile Intervals Change Spark Plugs Change Engine Coolant

 Testing and Servicing on-site

Mobile Mechanic Services

  R & R Automotive Services LLC

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